Follow links below for details about every tree species we offer.

Choose and Cut Pricing:

Scotch Pine: Starting at $35

All other species: $10 per foot

Pre-cut Lot:

Balsam Fir: Starting at $35*

Canaan Fir: Starting at $35*

White Pine: Starting at $35*

*Pricing may vary depending on size.

Balsam Fir: 5 feet- 15 feet

Canaan Fir: 5 feet - 17 feet

White Pine: 5 feet - 8 feet

We can help make your Christmas Tree experience easy!

  • We supply saws, measuring sticks and sleds to pull your freshly cut tree back to the barn.

  • We then shake every tree and wrap it for easier handling. 

  • We will even tie your tree to your vehicle if needed!