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Tips and Care


Location! Location! Location!

Make sure to choose the right location for your tree. Do no put it near ANY form of heat source or the tree will dry out quicker.


A fresh cut is critical for all christmas trees. If you cut a tree yourself, we recommend getting the tree in water within 2 hours to avoid the cut sealing back up with sap. If its been more than 2 hours, a new fresh cut,(about 1/2") will be needed.


Christmas trees require ZERO additives in the water! Straight tap water is all that is needed!


Make sure your stand has an adequate size bowl to hold enough water for the tree. A large tree will drink a lot of water and a small bowl may dry up before more water is added.


Drilling a hole in the center of the tree will NOT make the tree drink more water. The tree drinks around the bark line only.

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